Text replacement tool aka autotext aka text expansion tool for Microsoft Windows

This article explains how to run Hotstrings application if your Windows Defender SmartScreen or any other antivirus blocks EXE file from running.

Warning! Disabling any executable from running is potential security threat and should be taken with caution.

Why do you see the warning from Defender SmartScreen when Hotstrings.exe  is run on your PC?
This is the case because at this moment the Hotstrings application is not recognized as "trusted", do not provide the Microsoft code signing certificate to operating system.

If you see the screen "Windows protected your PC" please click the More info link. Next please click "Run anyway" button.

Antivirus, warning 1 Antivirus warning 2

 Next please find in your SysTray the "Windows Security" icon (shown below), right mouse click and select from on screen menu option "View security dashboard." Alternatively you can press keyboard shortcut: Windows key (alone) and just after start typing "Windows security" and press Enter.

Click / select "Virus & thread protection":

Next navigate to section "Virus & thread protection settings" and select "Manage settings".

Select "Add or remove exclusions":

Next click / select "Add an exclusion":

Next from on screen menu select "Folder".

Select / navigate to folder where Hotstrings.exe  file is located on your drive.

Summary: This way you enable all executable files run from within this folder to be bypassed by Windows Defender.