Text replacement tool aka autotext aka text expansion tool for Microsoft Windows

Hotstrings application do not require installation. It just runs after creation of some folders and files. On time of folders and files creation, in case if problems are found, it can exit throwing one of the following exit codes.

Exit codes (ExitApp) Description Remarks for developers
0 Correct exit from application.
1 Error reading library file, not-correct format of library line. F_CreateHotstring(txt, nameoffile)
2 Exit from application by (system) tray menu. F_TrayExit()
3 Required encoding for library files: UTF-8 with BOM. F_CheckFileEncoding(FullFilePath)
4 Unsuccessful move of temp.exe on time of executable move. F_VerUpdDownload()
5 License is no longer valid / active. F_CheckCommTime()
6 No license key specified on time of installation. EnterLicenseGuiClose(); F_EnterLicenseB1()
7 License activation unsuccessful. Entered license key was not found. F_EnterLicenseB1()
8 License activation unsuccessful. F_CheckCommercialConditions()
9 Couldn't create "Languages" subfolder. Initialization
10 License server response do not contain correct id of store or product. F_EnterLicenseB1()
11 License instance was not found on this PC / user domain account. F_CheckCommercialConditions()
12 Registry write unsuccessful F_EnterLicenseB1()
13 "AppData\Hotstrings" subfolder wasn't created for some reason. F_CheckCreateConfigIni(params*)
14 Config.ini file couldn't be created for some reason. F_CheckCreateConfigIni(params*)
15 Unexpected problem on time of deleting the file ""\Languages\English.txt"". F_CheckCreateConfigIni(params*)